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What is Home Inspections

Before you buy a home, you must go through the inspection phase. This lets a qualified contractor examine your future home and look for any signs of problems. Even something as simple as a few missing shingles or a puddle of water in the basement can indicate a more serious problem. A home inspector can examine the property for any issues, which will help you save money in the future.

Why Choose

Here at, we put you in touch with the top home inspectors in Australia. When you make an offer on a new home, the seller will give you several days to pay for an inspection before going forward with the sale. When you need a home inspector fast, you'll find the perfect person right here on the site.

The Biggest Database in Australia

The biggest database of home inspectors and home inspection companies is right within your fingertips. We offer the biggest database of inspectors working in the country, and we make it easy to find the right expert for you. Find companies and individuals who can inspect the air conditioning system, roof, ventilation system, attic or foundation of your future home. You can also use our database to find companies with experience performing inspections on basements, doors, windows, flooring, electrical systems, plumbing systems, ceilings and much more.